MARC at ISPO 2020

Is it still useful to attend an exhibition? Yes, but only if you are well organised

In the textile sector, exhibitions still perform an important role to see the latest products and to know supplier, customers and competitors. We are a progressive company but we still believe in the practical approach, in touching with our hands the quality of the materials and in seeing first hand what to buy.

We also think that taking part in a fair in an organized way, with a precise action plan and clear goals can give a breakthrough to our work. We believe that being close to our customers and spend some time with them is the best approach to truly help them. For this reason we thought of a very simple but effective way to turn a trade fair into an exceptional event!

For all these reasons we invite you from 26th to 29th of January 2020 at ISPO 2020 in Munich, the most important outdoor sports event. For us it represents the European hub of the activewear sector, where you can see in advance the latest trends, discover the most visionary innovations and access a global network of professionals.

We will be at Hall C1 (Booth 335) where you will find our flagship products, new tapes and fabrics, innovations in the field of environmental sustainability and the new China/China service offered by our production factory in Asia.

Scheduling now a meeting with us will allow you to have:

  • A priority access to our meeting room, where we will advise you on the best solutions for your garments;
  • An exclusive preview of our 2020 products;
  • A presentation on the new market possibilities;
  • A real profit: you will not go home frustrated and with empty hands;
  • Real solutions to solve the your problems.

See you at ISPO!

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