We are close to you in every step of the manufacturing process of your products, from the choice of the material to its sewing. We will never leave you alone.

We manufacture what you really need

Our ribbons are made to accomplish two goals: they need to be performing, comfortable, breathable, antigrip and strong. But they also need to be aesthetically pleasing. We manufacture and supply printable polyester tapes, nylon, reflectives and laminates. We can satisfy your needs regarding knitted, woven and jaquardes – just to name a few.

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Silicon fabric
Only the best for your solutions

We are experts and competitive in the activewear and sportswear sectors, where there are different needs, each involving the application of silicon on different materials. We can give you exactly what you need.

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Comfort and functionality

We combine the textile qualities of our products with technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of the activewear, sportswear and workwear sector such as breathability and oxygenation during activity, comfort of movement and visibility in low light. But we do not only work with excellent technical features, you can also customize the colors of the ribbons to match the rest of your collection.

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