We bring the excellence of the Italian fabrics all over the world being always close to our custmers and assisting them in every step of the manufacturing process.

What inspires us: our deepest values, shared by everyone who works with us.

Hands (what we do)


We manufacture textile solutions for clothing, professional and sports equipment with the greatest performances of the sector.

We manufacture and sell the best textile solutions for the clothing sector, especially for sporstwear equipment. We are leaders in the silicon tape world for cycling and we cooperate with small specialized manufacturers to guarantee high-performance products. We use materials that we deeply know, promptly solving every problem trying not to give any concern to the customer. For all these reasons, we know exactly what would be perfect for you.

Heart (how we work)


We help you develop wonderful and excellent products with our expertise, knowledge and availability.

We face every situations as if it was the most important.
A famous quote says “Those who want to keep a friend need to honour their presence, praise them in their absence and help them in the need”.
Following these values, MARC works as a caring father that solves every problem as if it was the most important, deals with every situation with full transparency and, most importantly, guarantees his presence whatever happens.

Head (what we believe)

We believe that the best way to help our customers is being always present. We guarantee our presence in every situation, facing the challenges that the sector sets every day.

We truly believe that being present is the essence of our work, the most efficient way to offer you our competences, to handle the problems that will inevitably arise during the long journey of the manufacturing of an item of clothing. Surprising you, amazing you, helping you and, of course, being close to you. These are our deepest motivations that move us everyday.

MARC feels the same responsibility for the care of its products and for the environment. Indeed, we follow the NO PLAN(ET) B philosophy, the eco-friendly policy for the manufacturing of textile products.
Since January 2019 MARC has been using sustainable energy sources, as the energy that moves our company comes from solar panels allowing us to produce up to 10,761 MWh per month (data from October 2019).

Giving a new life to scraps is the main goal of the manufacturing of our products. Plastic bottles are crumbled and become polyester fiber, while nylon and polymer's scraps are reconverted in skein of new material and used again in the manufacturing cycle.

This solution has already created many environmental benefits and we want to do even more. At the moment, 20% of our products are made out of recycled materials but, by 2022, we aim at having all of our products coming from recycled materials.

Recovery of the authomatic placements


MARC is close to the environment - not only to its customers’ needs.
Since 2019 we really got to the heart of the “No Plan(et) B” policy, which aims at safeguarding our planet with real actions linked to energy saving and recycling. Indeed, the use of solar energy and of yarns coming from recycled bottles represent a consolidated reality that will increase in the upcoming months.
There is one bigger project that we want to develop in 2020: enter the Circular Economy. We all know that, at the end of the cutting process, 30% of the fabric is thrown away. It is possible to recycle these scarps meant for landfill, engaging all the actors involved in the production process.
In this way, it would be possible to create a Circular Economy that would let us use almost all of the raw material.

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