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Via Primo Maggio, 6/8
Gorlago (BG)

+39 035 952035

MARC is headquartered in Gorlago, a few kilometres from Bergamo, in the heart of Italy’s industrial triangle. One of our production plants is also located here, while the other one is in the province of Milan.
The majority of our products is manufactured in Italy and then travels all over the world.


233290, Luqiao Town,
Dingyuan County, Chuzhou,
Anhui Province

+86 138 1852192

The future is: speak Italian, act Chinese. Since 2014, MARC have been present in the East with its production site in Shanghai, thanks to which we can work China to China with customers all over the world.
We want to replicate the Italian model in all continents, demonstrating that we are the best equipped and most reliable in every way.

Commercial offices

Slovakia e
Czech Republic

North America

South America

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