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Silicone elastics

Endless customization possibilities.

Thanks to the study of a special silicone formula and the best application technologies, we produce highly customised silicone elastics in graphics and colour.

Apply your graphics

It’s possible to apply any type of graphic to the elastic band: logos, patterns, geometric motifs and more intricate designs requiring extremely precise strokes.

Choose the colour

Our unique formula allows you to customise the silicone with infinite shades and colour combinations, applying up to 2 different colours of silicone on the same elastic band.


The MARC formula

  • High-definition colours;
  • Biocompatibile, suitable for contact with skin and fabrics;
  • Indeformable, does not change shape;
  • Has memory,returns to its original shape, even after countless uses;
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures;
  • Antibacterial, prevents the proliferation of bacteria;

Customise your elastic band. There are no limits.


A Technological product


Compression and grip, for maximum freedom of movement

Compression and grip, for maximum freedom of movement

In some areas the tightness of the garments is essential, but compression must not hinder movement. The Comfort Grip technology combines a braking function with oxygenation to ensure maximum freedom of movement.
The silicone provides a braking and stabilising function, allowing the garments to hold even during the most concise and dynamic movements typical of sports.The new chequered silicone distribution ensures correct circulation and oxygenation of the capillary vessels and muscles, preventing constrictions.
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Sustainable yarns, ribbons and fabrics.
The control of the production process that allowed us to obtain the certifications:

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